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Photo Special - Antonov 22 landed in Speyer

On 28.12.99 I received the info that the day after a AN-22 is going to land in the small airfield of Speyer/Ludwigshafen (ENYR) in order to get displayed in the technic-museum located next to the airfield. Because I never saw this type of airplane and the landing on a runway of 4022 ft. (app. 1200m) promised to become a spectacular event, I decided with three other spotters from NUE to take the 250km westbound and watch this "biggest prop" giant!

When we drove the highway the weather was really bad (snow, rain, fog, ...), but after a delay of 2 hours and 2 overshots by the Antonov, the sun came out and we could take sunny landing shots :o)

It was a great day and the expenditures were worth it...
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